Laura White - Heartbreaker ft Ms Banks


Ladies and gentlemen, if you haven’t already been formally introduced, please let me bring to your attention the wonders of Laura White. You may be familiar with her musical talents from Series 5 of the X-Factor, where she was controversially placed eighth. This didn’t stop the songstress from pursuing her passions, producing songwriting magic for a wide range of artists, one of which earned her a Grammy nomination.

To the stage emerged a bubbly and excitable Laura welcoming the crowd with her Manchurian cheer. Straight to work she went, rapidly switching into professional mode as the band tuned into the first song of the evening. Then you are hit by her voice, a fusion of powerful and effortless melodies captivating the crowd as she opens the night vividly retelling the typical story of lost love and the case of the ex in the upbeat, new age Motown sounds of ‘That Girl’.

Her songs are infectiously catchy, ‘Nobody Like Me’ and ‘Somebody Loves You’ have the crowd singing along and shoulder bouncing. She takes us on a musical journey weaving in beautiful ballads like ‘To Be Loved’ and ‘You and I’ demonstrating the dynamics of her voice. Her new single and highlight of the night, ‘Heartbreaker’ featuring Ms. Banks is immediately familiar as it samples the infamous 112’s ‘Need to Know’ but brings to the table a whole new energy as a future summertime hit as forecasted by its current standing R&B charts at number 6. Laura’s gratitude for her supporters was the overwhelming theme of the evening, coupled with a genuine love for the music she creates.

Keep your eyes and ears out for her upcoming album, due later this year but got now get into her new single ‘Heartbreaker’ which has just been released by J.O.A.T. Music Group.