Passion Fruit - The Highlights


Searching for feel good R&B that will transport you to the tropics? Look no further!

Ejimofor Chima Obinna, more commonly known as Reggie, is a music producer, singer and songwriter. Born in Berlin Germany in the 80’s, he is known to be multi-talented and a naturally inspired gentleman. 

The first thing you will notice is the clear Afro-bashment influence in this R&B singers music. His project ‘Passion Fruit’ has arrived just in time for summer. The Chilled mid-tempo Afro-R&B project will be perfect for all the BBQs and sunset watching we will be doing this season.

While each track on the EP brought its own unique flavour, there were two tracks that really caught my attention. ‘No Makeup’ & ‘Easy’. 

No Makeup
The afrobeat infused melody is accented beautifully by the track’s percussion, providing a great contrast to the mid tempo R&B vocals. However, it is the subtle instrumental riffs that tie the song together, the most noticeable of which is the that of the flute.

Easy is much closer to the traditional R&B sound and is clearly an ode to both previous R&B classics and pop culture, with the added twist of Reggie’s unqiue Afro flavour.

Reggie is clearly about spreading love and positivity and I for one am totally here for it.

Ray Sang