McKay x McCourt Debut 1157


R&B music is known for producing some of the best collaborations. R-Kelly and Usher with Same Girl, Mya and Sisqo with All About Me, not to mention tracks like Brandy and Monica's The Boy Is Mine - Yes we've all karaoked that one in the shower!

In recent years successful collaborations seems to have reduced - or so we thought. 

Introducing McKay x McCourt

With flawless vocal production, tight harmonies, and that throwback swag, I have no doubt that this pair are about to take the scene by storm.

McKay x McCourt are a south-coast based commercial R&B duo that consists of UK songwriter and producer MCK from the Lovemade Collective and rising UK R&B artist Thomas Gerard. 

Having spent time under the tutelage of industry professionals such as Steven WilkinsonJohn Gallen and Matt Russell, both members are knowledgeable in their respective roles; and as such have spent a considerable amount of time honing in on their craft.

While McKay is the producer and McCourt is the artist, both can sing and produce records on their own; which makes their roles effortlessly transposable.

The pair have just released their new 3-track EP entitled '1157' , which is available on all major streaming platforms.

Each track showcases a different aspect of their talent, offering a range of sounds from Slow Jams to an R&B/Pop fusion.

Producer-Artist partnerships are nothing new in the music industry but it definately feels like this could be the start of something beautiful.


Ray Sang