Gallant Returns With New Single 'Gentleman'


Sit back relax and let the music move you, or more accurately Gallant's falsetto. The American contemporary R&B singer returns with his new single 'Gentleman'.

This track seems to indicate the move in a more mature direction for Gallant with 'Gentlemen' perhaps representing a musical coming of age for the R&B singer. The steamy, synth heavy song has a certain vulnerability to it, which has not been seen in his previous music.

This is really brought to life by the songs visuals, directed by Sasha Samsonova, which echoed the essence of openness portrayed by a the singer on the track. 

Taking a step away from pop and partially electronic influenced sounds found on Zebra (2014), Gallant effortlessly transitions into sensual soulful R&B.

While indications of his vocal ability were teased on his debut album Ology (2016) there was no holding back here, with Gallant quite literally baring his soul on this song. 

In this unapologetically seductive number, Gallant really showcases his upper register aided by the subtle sounds of Teddy Walton's beautifully simple production. 

It is yet to be disclosed as to when his sophomore album will be released. However it is hoped that this single foreshadows the greatness that is to come.

The song is now available on all major streaming platforms.

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