Retrospective - Immature


Now if you don’t know who Immature (or IMx) are, don’t worry as I don’t think they had a strong presence in the UK as only one of their songs managed to chart here. So, if you don’t know about this R&B group, then let me tell you who they are. Immature were an R&B group, formed by Chris Stokes in 1990. The original line-up of the group included: Marques “Batman” Houston aka Roger from Sister, Sister; Jerome “Romeo” Jones and Don "Half-Pint" Santos. Their first album, On Our Worst Behavior, was released in 1992, with the two singles: “Tear It Up (On Our Worst Behavior)” and “Da Munchies”. The group would also star in the film, House Party 3, in 1994. However, after just one album, Half-Pint unfortunately left the group and he was replaced by Kelton “LDB” Kessee.

Tear It Up (On Our Worst Behavior):

Da Munchies:

With a new line-up, Immature released their second album, Playtyme Is Over, in 1994. The album included the singles: “Constantly” and “Never Lie” – which was the group’s highest charting single and arguably the group’s signature song.

Never Lie:

The following year, their third album, We Got it, was released. Featured singles included: “We Got It” (the only song to chart in the UK), “Please Don’t Go” and “Lover’s Groove”. The group did a remix of “Lover’s Groove” with rapper Shyheim; which is probably one of my personal favourite songs from Immature.

Lover’s Groove (Remix):

Immature also had a song on the soundtrack for the popular Nickelodeon kid’s show, All That. The song, “Watch Me Do My Thing” featured Kel Mitchell as Ed from the Good Burger skit.

Watch Me Do My Thing:

In 1997, Immature dropped another album, The Journey; releasing three songs: “I’m Not a Fool”, “Give Up the Ghost” and “Extra, Extra”.

I’m Not a Fool:

With the group getting older, it was decided that a name change was needed. As a result, this would be the last album under the name Immature as the group would be later known as IMx.

So, under the name IMx, the group released their fifth album, Introducing IMx, in 1999. The group only released one single from this album – “Stay the Night”; the group’s most successful single under their new name. 

Stay the Night:

In 2001, IMx released their greatest hits album and would also release their last full album also called IMx. The group released three songs from this album but the one that stood out to me was “First Time” – the song that was my introduction to IMx. I first heard this song back in 2009 after listening to a couple of tracks from Marques Houston. I fell in love with the song but I never explored the rest of the group’s catalogue until recently.

First Time:

By 2002, the group had disbanded, venturing into solo careers and exploring other career options. The most successful member of the group is of course Marques Houston – who went on to have a successful acting and singing career.

In 2015, IMx reunited to release a new EP titled, Remember, remaking two of their singles including their signature song, “Never Lie”.

Never Lie (2015):

After listening to this group’s catalogue, I have to say Immature/IMx were definitely a product of their time because it seemed like having children sing R&B or be rappers was definitely popular in the 90s (Another Bad Creation, Kriss Kross, anyone?) and I have to give props to the group for having six albums under their belt. I also have to address their sense of style – with influences from the early years of TLC to silky straight hair and box braids; Immature/IMx definitely had it goin’ on! I also feel like they’re hardly mentioned when it comes to R&B groups of the 90s which is understandable from a UK fan’s perspective. However, I’m a person that likes to go back and see what music of the 90s I didn’t get the chance to experience and enjoy them now. So as for Immature/IMx, I’m gonna go back and listen to a couple of these songs because they did have a few hits.