NEW MUSIC: Monique Lawz - 4 Minutes

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Monique Lawz is a star in waiting for her space in the sky, and ‘4 Minutes’ is another demonstration of this. She has a gargantuan voice, able to compete with any in the industry, however with ‘4 Minutes’ she is just playfully having fun.

The beat is a mashup of R&B and dancehall flavours, based on the 1985 summer smash by Bernard Wright 'Who Do You Love’. Bernard Wright’s playfully exotic and emotive riff has ruled our summer for decades now, also enjoying classic remakes by LL Cool J and Total’s ‘Loungin’ in 1996. The production by ATG Music successfully updates the sound to fit in with current dancehall vibes and combines melodic percussion with dancing R&B leads that caress the track at just the right moments, while the drums and bass will keep you moving on the dance-floor.

Monique glides over the track with nonchalant vocals that just ooze confidence and swagger, often flowing fluidly into Jamaican patois. The lyrics tell a tale about seeing a partner with someone new and commanding them to come back within 4 minutes, or miss out on another chance to recapture their romance. This is a fun, sassy summer jam that is best imagined taking it place on the dance floor or as one you’d put the top down to on your drive to the beach.

Having followed her work for a few years, this song is just a tease of Monique’s talent. As a lover of old school I’d love to see her use her full range on a more vocal-reliant R&B song; she is more than capable of competing with the classics as well as fitting into the current era. ‘4 Minutes’ is like a Nandos carrot cake, it’s a good slice of juicy talent that leaves you wanting more.


Christopher Pottinger