Comeback Season Maybe?

With dance revolution, heelies and 10p freddos, the noughties are a time that for many bring back positive waves of nostalgia. The music from that era is no exception; especially R&B. 

With fearless riffs, crazy falsettos and the sincerest of facial expressions to match, you could even argue that UK R&B was at its prime - but we will leave that debate for another day.

Cast your minds back to the rush home from school to watch Channel U, or if you were like me sneaking to watch it on the weekends. There are plenty of artists from that time I am hoping will make a comeback this year.

According to our trusted source Wikipedia some of these artists are still active on the music scene in one way or another. So without further ado here are a few male R&B artists that I believe should return to the scene this year.


Young Nate 

Let's take it all the way back to 2008; the era of 'Mixed Messages'. This guy was one of the most popular singers when many of us millienials were in school. He was the sweet boy with all lyrics. Following the release of 'I Wonder' in 2009 and it's subsequent remixes, the singer took some time away from the scene. He made a brief return in 2017 with the songs 'Too Much Words' and 'New Year Same Me' and has approached the scene with a slightly more hip-hop centred vibe. Who knows maybe 2018 will mark the return of the sweet boy and Young Nates return to R&B.



Loick Essien 

Moving on to another singer that very popular in the days of Channel U. He had a falsetto that was almost unmatched by any other upcoming artist at the time. First appearing on the scene 2007, the singer has experimented with a range of genres including hip hop and dance. With that being said he is one of the pioneers of urban R&B in the UK. Loick's versatility is unquestionable and demonstrated by the plethora of features with serveral prominent UK rappers under his belt. 

Since the release of his Mixtape Terminal 5 in 2016 and a few subsequent singles and features in 2017, Loick has been quiet on the music front. His tweets have indicated that new music is on the way, so fingers crossed for the remainder of the year.




Don't you just love the feeling of the acoustic version being even better than the original? That was definitely the feeling you got when you heard songs by McLean. Previously known as Digga and changing his name after being signed, McLean carried a air of maturity which was almost unheard of at the time. This was definitely evident in his music which was honest, authentic, and heartfelt. Sadly he was likely a little before his time and may arguably have been received better nowadays. 

The artist returned after a quiet period, clean shaven and with the song 'Does it Hurt' in 2013 but hasn't released much since then. Maybe the UK R&B scene will finally be ready for his talent in 2018. Here's to hoping he comes back this year.



Talay Riley

Last but by no means least are the happy hearty vocals of Talay Riley. You could literally hear the smile in his voice when he sang. His passion for his craft was undeniable. 

He first appeared on the mainstream in 2009 and has  been hard at work ever since. While he hasn't released any of music of his own since, he has been hard at work penning lyrics for some of your most popular stars including Trey Songz and Ella Mai. Let's hope a new single is on the horizon.

Ray Sang