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At 19:30 doors open, the crowd slowly starts pouring into the dimly lit room and it’s easy to sense the crowds’ anticipation for the forthcoming performance.

Shan Smile, who is the opening act of the night, walks up the stage and begins her performance with her single, ‘Prisoner of Hope’, which is heavenly to any discerning R&B ear. Her smooth vocals are welcoming and soothing, she then draws the crowd more into her performance with her cover version of ‘The Truth’ by India Arie, which is clearly a crowd favourite. To wrap up her set she sings one more original number ‘I Need You’ and then performs a Sam Smith medley to close.

Then, finally the moment everyone has been waiting for; the energetic Cherri V runs onto the stage, rocking her signature red hair and an olive green playsuit. She begins her set with an improvisational jazzy scatting session; she then starts her song ‘Leave Me Be’ which uses Kano’s ‘Ps &Qs’ instrumental with original lyrics sung to the beat.

Cherri then breaks from the songs to answer some of the questions her supporters submitted at the start of the event. Cherri, during this mini Q&A, addresses many different issues from being a black female in the industry, being married and also talks about her song writing process.

Cherri then treats the audience to more original songs, which showcase her versatile vocal styling and writing abilities, as she covers a range of subjects from self-esteem issues in songs such as ‘Girl In The Mirror’ and social issues in ‘Brown Girl’.

She then throws in her throwback tune ‘Favorite Guy’ which immediately brings a sense of nostalgia among the crowd. She closes her set with her new single, ‘Without You’, which she surmises is about someone you can’t live without.

Cherri V’s showcase was spectacular; vocally it was tight, the band was great, her stage presence was amorous and the audience was transported through various emotions which is what any great show and performer should aim to do.