Etta Bond & Raf Riley Reunite To Create The Remix To 'Kiss My Girlfriend'

Etta Bond reunites with Raf Riley, and Chris Loco also features for the remix of single, ‘Kiss My Girlfriend’. In what is being described as the perfect upbeat remix, the new track is being received well.

No stranger to a collaboration, the two team up for the track’s update, which has also been given a visual. Noticeably faster than the original, Etta's R&B vocals still take charge as Raf & Chris' inclusion makes for a fresh, new sound.

Unapologetically being herself, Etta celebrates topics of femininity and love with her latest release, as she sways away from the typical love story you’d expect to see unfolding on your screens.

Crediting the time they’ve spent apart as being time to re-energise and re-connect their creative flow, the time out will no doubt lead to more collaborations to come.

Check out the reunion below.