Happy Ninth Anniversary Beyonce and Jay Z

Beyoncé has shared a special message to her husband Jay Z, with an updated video for her 2015 dedication “Die With You.”

Giving fans a glimpse of their special memories, the visual features scenes of the Carters holidaying, Blue Ivy and the family living and loving.

Happy Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Carter

Check it out here:

In celebration of this milestone - here are nine of our favourite collaborations from Bey and Jay:

1. That's How You Like It


2. Deja Vu


3. Upgrade U


4. '03 Bonnie And Clyde


5. Drunk In Love


6. Shining


7. Welcome To Hollywood


8. Crazy In Love


9. Okay we are out of songs but this is by far our favourite collaboration from the two of them...


Let us know what your favourite Beyonce and Jay Z collaboration is below.