Queen Bey Of Hearts

We are hard core beehive over here at The Record Box HQ so it fills our heart with joy that not only is Queen Bey making amazing music, amazing photoshoots and amazing babies but also, heart-warmingly making a young girls dream come true last week.

A high school senior in Houston, Texas received the surprise of her life when Beyoncé called her on Facetime. The young girl, Ebony Banks, is battling a rare form of cancer, which has progressed to stage four, keeping her hospitalised.

One of Banks’ biggest dreams was to meet Beyoncé, so her friends launched a social media campaign using the hashtag #EBOBMEETSBEYONCE (“EBOB” is her nickname) to make her wish come true. and just days after their hashtag went viral, Bey granted Banks’ wish and surprised her with a FaceTime phone call.

Sadly Ebony passed away yesterday but was adamant she wanted her life to be celebrated, not mourned. So here’s a toast to your and lots of love and light to your family and friends.

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